After a long time...

>> Thursday, June 6, 2013

My blog has been ignored for the longest time ever. Today, i decided to catch up with my memories. It helped me remember events, people, things.. food! ehem~ After almost three years away. I decided to start blogging again. I realize there are so many memories and are worth remembering and blogging them helps me keep these memories. I'm glad i did and hope i will do more often next time.

Many things has changed since 2011. I've grown many inch wider (thanks to the food), grown wiser ( my many years of education better not go down the drain), grown older (no longer 25 of course), and most importantly, grown happier. Life issues will never stop coming, but knowing that God has been, and is and always will be with me, it lightens my burden. Trust in the Lord, with all your heart..

Little things that contributed to my happiness...

A job that i love..

Friends that i come to know..

Food that i get to eat... hah!

My lifetime friends that knows me inside out, up side down....

And the one person, that i've waited all my life for..

Our latest pic together, Universal Studio, Hollywood


MC meets at Loma Linda

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

Seeing people i know during my college years in Thailand brings back good memories.. the world suddenly became so small when we get together and talk about the past, present and the future. Without realizing it, how fast time flies....

Got together at Rose Apple Thai Restaurant at Loma Linda with great Thai atmosphere and service. Love the decorations~.. reminds me of Thailand so much.. =)

Nok and Ryan got to visit California for a bit hence the get together. I don't know how many times we bid farewell but somehow we knew, we will see each other again.. goodbyes were never forever for us.. :) It was really nice to see her again and wished i had more time to hang out with her.

Not forgetting the amazing food that evening.. was quite expensive ( i end up paying $25 for my fish dish and coconut ice-cream. oh and hot chayen.. :) )but i guess it was all worth it.. haven't had spicy Thai food for quite a while.

Som Tum

Larp Kai =)

Fish Fillet with Basil Leaves Sauce

The MCians and friends present that evening.. =)

We should definitely do this more often!



>> Thursday, February 24, 2011

My first attempt in making topokki was a sucess! =) i'm going to share the recipe i use to make this delicious and spicy dish!.. i'm not very good in writing recipe so please bear with me.. :)

Rice Cake
Fish Cake
Korean Chili Paste (Kochujang)
Korean Chili Powder
Corn Syrup
Green onions

1. boil water with the fish cake until the fish cake is cooked.
2. take the fish cake out and put aside for later.
3. add chili paste, chili powder, corn syrup, sliced onions and seasoning into the water ( the same one that was used to boil the fish cake) and bring it to boil.
4. Add rice cake and bring it to boil. Stir it occasionally to avoid burning of the rice cake.
5. cut the fish cake into bite slices and the chop the green onions in about 3 inch size.
6. Add in the fish cake and green onions and bring it to boil.

Once the rice cake it soft, it's ready to serve. The longer your cook the rice cake, the better it taste, but you need to add water occasionally because it dries up pretty quickly.

Add the chili paste and chili powder in accordance to how spicy you want it to be.



Red Robin

>> Thursday, November 4, 2010

One of my fav places for burgers is none other than Red Robbin... :)

love the mushroomsss ! and the cheese of course :)

This was mine.. trying out fish burger at Red Robin for the first time.. i think i would still prefer beef patty.. =)

simply delicious!..

am i making you hungry already?.. keke..
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>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Talk about Taiwan, the first thing that comes to most my mind is 珍珠奶茶! (bubble milk tea / Boba). This particular drink originates from Taiwan and has been there since the 80's before it was commercialize world wide. So if you get a chance to go to Taiwan one day.. don't forget to try the bubble milk tea from its country of origin!.. lol~ dont' just try one.. try many many many!.. :)

For me, the one thing that comes to my mind when i thought of Taiwan is this!..

Similar to Pension House in Korea, up in the mountains of 'Ching Ji'.. you'll see many palace like building which serves as a 'Rest House' to many tourist around the world. We were lucky enough to get to visit one of the the Rest House which was owned by the parents of one of our student in the camp.

The interior of this particular Rest House that we visited has a very strong English taste. Not that i've been to England and know anything about their interior design or whatsoever, but it does makes me feel like i'm in England or something! like i can actually go bluff people with these pictures and said i've been to England! hah~ =)

Dining place

Near the fire place..

Part of the living room

The nicely decorated indoor garden

That's the owner right there~.. the white checkered shirt man with glasses !

an extended balcony-liked platform out to the hills so guests can enjoy the breath taking mountain views..

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get a sneak peak of the rooms. The rooms were all occupied the day we were there. =(

This place snows during winter.. I bet it will be very pretty when it's snowing!!!.. perfect place for couples.. =)


Korea Spring...

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

The season of flowersss... :)

Cherry Blossoms!

This is my second spring in Korea..

The first was during my spring break in LSU, it was during the early spring time so i missed all the cherry blossoms and the beautiful colored flowers. It just started blooming when it's about time to head back to LSU. =(

But i'm glad i get to see all the beautiful spring flowers during my last trip there and i enjoyed the cold weather! (Thailand is so hot!!!!!!... )

some of God's beautiful creation!.. :)


This time, instead of staying in Seoul city, i spend most of my time in a small town , about two hours away from Seoul, called ChangPyeong. It's also the town that Korea proposed to have the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Nothing much in that small town, but ski mountains which i find it pretty interesting.. well.. i guess there must be a reason why they chose that place for winter olympics right.. :)

This is the apartment that i stayed in for the one week i was there..

The interior of the apartment... ok.. ignore the messiness.. :)

View from my balcony..

I hate making short trips to Korea.. just when i'm starting to enjoy myself , i had to leave in a few days time.. -.-' but i guess i'll have to do more short trips =( due to unavoidable circumstances.. T.T !


Me Love Cook and Eat!.. :)

This is so random... i know.. :P after ignoring my blog for such a loooooooooooooong time.. and now i'm back again.. hah~..

anyway.. just sharing some pictures of what i enjoy doing when i have the time to.

Yes!.. Cook and EAT!.. :)

Psst! .. i cook when i have the time to.. but i eat all the time!!!

i wonder when i can successfully loose some weight!.. -.-

n yes.. I RESIGNED FROM EIS!.. will blog about it later.. ;) enjoy my cookingS~.. :)

Fried potatoes and carrots with mushrooms

Wat Tan Ho

Korean Pan Cake

Fried Noodles with Tomatoes and Leek

Fried Vege with Mushroom

Kimchi Chamci Chigae


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