After a long time...

>> Thursday, June 6, 2013

My blog has been ignored for the longest time ever. Today, i decided to catch up with my memories. It helped me remember events, people, things.. food! ehem~ After almost three years away. I decided to start blogging again. I realize there are so many memories and are worth remembering and blogging them helps me keep these memories. I'm glad i did and hope i will do more often next time.

Many things has changed since 2011. I've grown many inch wider (thanks to the food), grown wiser ( my many years of education better not go down the drain), grown older (no longer 25 of course), and most importantly, grown happier. Life issues will never stop coming, but knowing that God has been, and is and always will be with me, it lightens my burden. Trust in the Lord, with all your heart..

Little things that contributed to my happiness...

A job that i love..

Friends that i come to know..

Food that i get to eat... hah!

My lifetime friends that knows me inside out, up side down....

And the one person, that i've waited all my life for..

Our latest pic together, Universal Studio, Hollywood

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